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Waiting in Heels is opening up their Daughters of Wisdom series to new writers this summer! We want to give you a chance to publish your article on our blog and share the things God has placed on your heart during this season in your life.

Daughters of Wisdom is based on Titus 2, where older women are instructed to teach the younger ones. The term “older” is not merely referencing age, but wisdom, knowledge and understanding that can help inform, inspire and teach those who are waiting for marriage. Both married and single women who have godly wisdom to impart to others are encouraged to participate.

It’s always so encouraging to hear from other women - and to learn from them as well!

If you are interested in having your original article be part of the Daughters of Wisdom Series, read below to find out how to submit your article before the Waiting in Heels founder, Danisha’s birthday, August 11th!

To be considered for publication, articles must include the following:

  • 800 - 1,200 words max

  • A clear/catchy title (subject to be changed by our editor)

  • 3-5 clear and concise main points throughout the body of your article (for example, “3 Mistakes to Avoid as you Date God’s Way” would be the title, and then you would list the three points of what we should avoid as we date). Keep your points short and sweet, but informative.

  • A 1-2 sentence biography about you at the end of the article

Each article will be proofed thoroughly by our editors. If your article is selected, you will receive an email letting you know next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading what nuggets of wisdom you have to share with those striving to wait God’s way.

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